Game Rules

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Game Rules
#1. It's not allowed to attempt trading in game yang, items or accounts for real money or currency & items in other games.
It's allowed to trade with any servers at your own risk. We do not intermediate or verify for trades with other servers.
  • We do not intervene to recover the items if you are scammed when making a trade, but we can ban the thief if you have photo or video evidence of the initial agreement and the trade.
  • A player is not allowed to make more than one trade with the same server once every 2 weeks.
  • It is necessary to save the evidence (screenshot with the conversations and the trade on both servers) for any trade made in case the administration asks for explanations for the suspicion of trading with real money or trading with the same server in less than 2 weeks.
#3. We will not recover stolen items if you get scammed by borrowing them.
  • The thief will be banned if you provide screenshots with conversations where you mention that you borrow the items temporarely.
  • The thief can be unbanned if he agrees to return the items.
#4. You can make chat announcements like "trade there for here" but NOT like "trade here for there", don't mention any server name, you are allowed to trade but you are not allowed to announce it in chat.
#5. It's not allowed to gamble items with other players by playing dice or any other methods. It's not allowed to bet items on duels or fights that are held on other servers.
#6. It's not allowed to use offensive & hateful language or verbal abuse except in private messages. Racism and Xenophobia are not allowed even in private messages.
#7. It's not allowed to leak profiles to social media/links to pictures, phone numbers or other personal data of players.
#8. It's not allowed to make false accusations without evidence to stir up controversy among players/staff-members.
#9. It's not allowed to legitimate as a staff member or as a friend or family of a staff member.
#10. It's not allowed to advertise any other server.
#11. It's not allowed to use bugs or glitches or any system circumvention for your own advantage. Report any bug to a staff member immediately.
#12. It's not allowed to scam a player by getting him to break the rules or to steal his items, account, information by any means possible.
#13. It's not allowed to use inappropriate names for your character, shop, guild, pets.
#14. It's not allowed to use hacks, farmbots, macros or any programs that are not part of our game files.
#15. It's not allowed to disturb staff members by asking questions that you already have the answer for. It's not allowed to contest staff decisions taken in competitions or events.
#16. It is forbidden to accuse the staff of favoring without concrete evidence.
#17. It's not allowed to buy coins from Epinsultan for any player that is not Turkish. Players with other nationalities that use codes from this website will have their coins & items deleted or their account banned.
#18. It's not allowed to stream-snipe an official Promoter partener of Rodnia and willingly preventing him from promoting the server. This applies if it can be proven that a player follows the promoter in his livestream and prevents him from promoting. This rule doesn't grant immunity to official livestreamers, they are allowed to be killed but not followed and interrupted in an abusive manner.
The Rodnia server Administrators reserves the right to change the rules at any time as well as the right to make decisions that are NOT included in the current rules.
Last modified: 03/06/2023