Fame - The King's Return | New server opening | 03.02.2023

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Dear Rodnians,

Considering the fact that we are always looking for better ways to improve the quality of the game but also to grow this community, we have decided to open a new server named FAME - THE KING'S RETURN!
We appreciate all of you who have been with us over the past 4 years, and in return we want to fix the gameplay mistakes that we have made in the past in order to provide a new and better experience for all those who have played, are playing and will play on our server!

Our goal is to share with players all the news and improvements that the game has until now. The purpose of the FAME server is first of all to keep the players as close as possible and to offer a gameplay that differentiates us. The start of the new server will bring improvements in PvP as well as PvM, a lot of changes and content have been made to the gameplay as we mentioned before now is the best opportunity to play with us.

We know for sure that this step will be beneficial for the community and with the opening we will evolve together. We tried always to bring changes and make the game better, but without new players this is not possible and we all know this fact. This is also one of the main reasons why the FAME server will be opened on 03.02.2023. The plans for the future after the opening will be to keep the players as close as possible, to listen to everyone's feedback and to be open to the opportunities that will appear.

With the future updates(PvP Tournament - Heroes Brawl, Dungeon Expert, Rarity, Enhanced Energy Crystal, Reworked Combat Zone, Reworked Beta maps, Wings System, PvP Free Shop, etc.) we are going to make and the whole gameplay rework we strongly believe that we will manage to please a very large number of players by transforming Rodnia into one of the best when it comes to both PvP & PvM. We are pursuing a new path where we want to bring our own ideas into the game because at the moment all servers are the same only with small differences.

Frequently asked questions about the new server:

Q: Why are we opening the server Fame?
A: It gives us the opportunity to reach out to a larger number of players, considering the gameplay changes in the last period and those to come. Also, with the gameplay rework we've been working in the last months we are fixing a lot of the existent issues.

Q: When the server Fame will open?
A:The opening will be on: 03.02.2023 at 18:00 CEST.

Q: What benefits will the opening bring?
A: A considerable increase of players and a fresh start for everyone, the opportunity to trade between Rise & Fame and people from Fame can make items easier on Rise.

Q: How long will the server Fame be open?
A: Minimum 3 months, because we want to have a balance between the two servers.

Q: How will Fame be different from Rise?
A: The gameplay will be identical to Rise, but there will be a lot of changes for the benefit of the players & reworked gameplay.

Q: Will the Rise and Fame servers merge?
A: Yes, they will.

Q: What will happen with the accounts when they merge?
A: All accounts will be transferred to the Rise server without exception.

Q: Will it be possible to trade between servers?
A: Trades are an advantage for players and will be available, but only between Rise and Fame, external trades will be forbidden.

Q: I will be able to transfer items/yang from a Rise account to a Fame account?
A: This is not possible.

Q: What are the plans after the server opens?
A: There will be a series of big updates, but of course we will pay attention to your needs and wishes.

Q: Can I get an existing name on Rise when Fame opens?
A: Yes you can, but when the servers will merge the name from Fame will get something extra.

Q:Will I be able to make a custom outfit that already exists on Rise?
A: No, because there can't be two identical custom costumes.

Q: You will focus on balancing PvP and organizing PvP events?
A: Yes, we are already working on PvP balancing, and yes there will be a series of PvP events.
Blessed by the Heavens!
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