Patchnotes Ascension 1.1.9 [Maintenance 14.06.2024]

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Patch 1.1.9
Maintenance 14.06.2024
Game version is now 1.1.9

  • Added World Cup Event.

Fixes & Changes:
  • Changed the price to play at Okay Cards Event from 3.000 Yang to 10.000.000 Yang.
  • Improved the Graphics:
    • New 'Sharpness' setting designed to enhance the clarity and detail of the game.
    • New 'Death Cam' that is a feature that activates upon a player's death. It smoothly transitions the screen to black and white, adds a subtle vignette, and zooms in. These effects will disappear once the player revives.
    • Improved overall light conditions in-game.
    • Improved Rain weather and Thunder effects.
    • Added new Shadow animation for Trees, that will follow the sun correctly.
    • Changed the 'Specular' setting, so the players can choose if they want normal specular or sun specular for character/mobs.
    • Fixed some minor bugs that affected the game visually and enchanced overall performance.
    • Fixed the Change Equipment Window. Now you can add there Mounts, Pets and skins too.
  • Improved the aspect of Equipment Viewer.
  • Added an update for the *'Guild Window**. Next week we will release all the guild system features.
  • Added new passive skills Gardener, Miner, Artisan__. You will be able to obtain the books from them next week when we will add the Daily Quests.
  • When you receive a new item, or start a new stack of items, the Inventory will open automatically for you to see where the item is.
  • Added Wiki info buttons to the following windows: Gathering, Mining, Fishing, Evolve Horse windows.
  • Added a report button on the player's target board so you can now report hackers from in-game directly.
  • Fixed the issues at the Combat Zone system. From now on we will activate the event.
  • Fixed the issues at the Kingdoms War Event. From now on we will start to organize the event.
  • Pets with level time will expire when you are offline too.
  • You can now replace the existing boosters on your skins with a new one. A confirmation window was added too.
  • New characters will now be unable to trade until Level 15.
  • New characters will now be unable to open an Offline Shop until Level 35.
  • Fixed the problem with miss damage when attacking Beran-Setaou for Shamans.
  • Fixed a problem at Double Bosses/Stones Event.
  • Added the option to search shop upgrade items directly from the Upgrade window.
  • Added a button to hide the sold items in Offline Shop.
  • Now you can't add ores in your accessories sockets if the time left is under 50%. A confirmation window was added too.
  • Fixed a visual problem at the Enchant Event. The Average Damage bonus value remained at 65% in the Swichbot window after the event ended.
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