[RISE & FAME] Patchnotes 3.7.0 [Maintenance 21.09.2023]

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Maintenance 21.09.2023 for Rise & Fame
Game version is now 3.7.0

  • Added Back to school Event.
  • Added a CAPTCHA system, this system is made as a new protection against cheaters.
  • Added Prayer Altar as a replacement for Daily Buff bonus. With this new system you need pray daily at the Altar NPC to receive a bonus for a limited time.
  • Depending on the level of the Altar, your bonus value will increase. You will receive a random bonus from a list of 8 bonuses (if you are a Premium player you can choose what bonus to receive).
  • Added Reworked Worldboss System, the new system encourages competition between players. The changes to the new system are as follows:
    • The damage limit has been completely removed.
    • A ranking has been added, this ranking is based on damage, it will encourage players to enter a competition, because 1st place as TOP DAMAGE will receive 5 Epic Chests, 2nd and 3rd place will receive 3 Epic Chests, 4th to 10th place will receive 2 Epic Chests. The rest of the players who deal the minimum damage will receive 1 Epic Chest, as it is now.
    • A new design of the World Boss Map.
    • World Boss window has been changed and improved.
    • You will be able to collect your reward and check your ranking right after the World Boss is defeated. In order to take the Reward you need to go to the World Boss window.
    • There is also a PvP World Boss category which will be activated after the server fusion.
  • Now you can use right click in the dungeons to use the key or seal type items instead of dragging them.

Fixes & Changes
  • Removed the Daily Buff bonus.
  • Now you can use emotions with your weapon equipped, because it will hide them when you are using the emotions.
  • Fixed a wrong task mission for the blessed wings.
  • Moved the Chaos Dungeon NPC a little so you won't teleport/spawn inside him to block other players.
  • Rearranged the NPCs in both map2.
  • Added Sanctuary Merchant in both map2.
  • Updated the description of the permanent Buffi Seal with where you can obtain it.
  • Updated the Alastor Dungeon to make the steps quicker to do.
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