Patchnotes Ascension 1.0.1 [Maintenance 16.3.2024]

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Maintenance 16.3.2023
Game version is now 1.0.1

  • Updated Wiki guides. Since some of the information from Wiki is hold we are now doing a rework on our Wiki and also fixing some bugs where you can't see sometimes the upgrade items necessary. In the next patches we will continue to add new guides/translations and improvements here.
  • Added Nephrite in Boss Scroll (Hard).
  • Added White Gold Ore at Alchemist Shop.
Fixes & Changes
  • Updated Bravery Cape description.
  • Itemshop from the ESC window will redirect you direcly to the Ascension itemshop.
  • Fixed the issue with Beginner quests where you couldn't finish them. If you have the message that you need to kill 0, just kill it one more time and you will receive the reward.
  • Fixed the bonuses from Pet Figaro.
  • Fixed an issue at informations about Premium window in-game.
  • Fixed a problem at Magic Soul Stone where instead of showing you that you advanced your skill level to P it said that you advanced it with only 1 level.
  • Fixed the visual issue where it displayed the wrong bonuses of Pets with levels.
  • Fixed a problem for some people that couldn't open the Pet Information window
  • Fixed the guild logos.