Patchnotes Ascension 1.0.5 [Maintenance 21.3.2024]

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Patch 1.0.5
Maintenance 21.03.2023
Game version is now 1.0.5

  • After carefully reviewing lots of players's suggestions regarding the drop of stones and after conducting investigations, we have decided to implement the following changes:
    • Lowered the amount of 500k Ingots dropped by elemental stones from 4 to 3.
    • The drop rates of Cooked Eel and Cooked Mackerel have been reduced slightly across all areas due to an excessive accumulation. Their drop rate far exceeds their usage, which is currently estimated at less than 10%.
    • Raised the amount of 500k Ingots dropped by beta stones from 2 to 3 and and an additional fourth drop has been introduced with a reduced probability.
    • Raised the amount of Peach Flower Wine dropped by beta stones from 3 to 4.
    • Raised the amount of Enchant Item dropped by beta stones from 12 to 14.
  • We have temporarily replaced Enchanted Stones with a combination of Beta Stones until we complete the revision of the Enchanted Stone's drop table.
  • Introduced the Novice Redemption Chest, designed to provide players who have lost items from starting quests with a means to reclaim them. While the chest will not remain available permanently, it will be periodically added to the game.
  • The enchant item drops from level 85 and 90 stones were incorrect, with 10 dropping from level 85 and 5 from level 90. We have corrected this by reversing the order.
  • Added Extend Time (Novice items) in Item-Shop at Vote Marks, you can use it to extend your time on the items from the Novice Chests to 5 days.
  • Updated PvP wiki guide.[
Fixes & Changes
  • Removed the protection of the Brutal Red Thief world boss.
  • Changed the style of how the announcements appear on the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue at the Offline Shop tax.
  • Fixed a problem at shadow settings.
  • Improved the specular on monsters and characters.
  • Fixed a wrong translation when you received block chat in-game.
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