Patchnotes Rise 3.9.6 [Maintenance 9.4.2024]

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Patch 3.9.6
Maintenance 9.04.2023
Game version is now 3.9.6

Fixes & Changes:
  • Blackjack Event:
    • Now you will be able to play Blackjack with 100 Blackjack Token instead of 300.
    • Now Black Ace Earring will have 25% Strong vs. Bosses instead of 35%.
    • Now Red Ace Earring will have 25% Strong vs. Stones instead of 35%.
    • Blackjack Chest has been complet reworked.
  • Improved the looks of the April Battlepass Skins Set.
  • Fixed the game option which allowed you to choose between the old and the new Specular.
  • Blocked the drop of Gold Treasury Chest at the following monsters too: Mean Red Poison Spider, Mean Claw Poison Spider, Mean Sold. Poison Spider.
  • Increased the cooldown for Shadow Tower dungeon from 4 to 6 hours.
  • Fixed an issue with the Letters & Symbols Event rewards. The ones from Ascension were added to Rise by mistake.
  • Symbols from Symbol Event will be droppable only at important Bosses.
  • Fixed an issue related to the damage with the fist in Bosses.