Patchnotes Ascension 1.1.0 [Maintenance 18.04.2024]

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Patch 1.1.0
Maintenance 18.04.2024
Game version is now 1.1.0

  • Added Easter Event.
    What is new about this event compared to other seasonal events?
    • Chrono Raffle - a new segment for Chrono Raffle has been added. This is a Personal, which gives you various items depending on the time you spend in the game.
    • Magic Egg Stone - are some stones that will appear in maps at various times. In order to know when they appear, an announcement will be given in the chat to let you know when it is time to look for them. The rewards in these are extraordinarily good, Costume/Hairstyle/Weaponskin with HIGHER bonuses than all existing even in itemshop.
    • Global Goal - the total of Stones/Bosses required to complete each stage was streamlined, and now the collaboration between you must be stronger than before. After completing the second stage or the third stage certain events will be automatically scheduled for the next day.
  • Added Comeback Event.
    • Characters who have not logged in for more than ten days will receive a Comeback Chest containing items to re-enter the "Game".
  • Added a new Global Redeem code for everyone to use: EASTERMANIA.

Fixes & Changes:
  • Now you will be able to change your Vote4Buff bonus, for 50.000.000 yang.
  • Added Voucher (5 RC) in the itemshop.
  • Moved Piece of Garnet & Beryl & Lapis, Hay to special upgrades inventory.
  • Moved all Combo and Art of War Books to special books inventory.
  • Lowered the amount of Stone of Devil spawned in Mount Sohan.
  • Decrease number of upgrade items for end-game PvP accesories.
  • Ignisarix has been removed as a worldboss. Now Frostblaze will appear 3 times per day.
  • Fixed a bug at Worldboss, now HP from all Worldboss will be calculated based on how much players are in the map before the Worldboss spawn.
  • Remove Metin Zone III & IV from Fireland, players were split on other maps, therefore these 2 metin zones were removed.
  • Increase price for Scout Boss Potion & Scout Metin Potion in Gold Sanctuary Shop from 1 to 2.
  • Rune Essence, Gautama Rune, Island Rune, Thunder Rune, Sanctuary Rune will have now 10 days until they will expire.
  • We want the Worldboss to directly provide the item needed for these upgrade items. But in the long run since these items are permanent, they will do serious damage and their price will drop drastically when huge quantities are hoarded. 10 days is enough time to use them as you wish.
  • Change Minimum Damage for Worldboss, from 150.000 to 250.000.
  • Meroklet was removed from Rodnia Valley.
  • Added White Gold Necklace+0 at Captain Bestial.
  • Slightly decrease drop chance for White Feather.
  • Slightly decrease drop chance for Illusion Stone.
  • Slightly decrease drop chance for Spider Venom.
  • Slightly increase drop chance for Spider Web
  • Slightly decrease drop chance for Beran Tooth.
  • Slightly increase drop chance for Beran Claw.
  • Slightly decrease drop chance for Forest Tome.
  • Slightly increase drop chance for Forest Gemstone.
  • Increase drop chance for Spirit Stone for high level stones.
  • Slightly increase the drop chance for World Boss Emblem.
  • Fixed the shaman buff that was giving less critical than it should.
  • Nerfed the "Activate Coward Mode" achievement because people were abusing it by creating new characters.
  • Raised the price of Festive Reinforcements to 4 points in the Achievements Shop.
  • Improved multi-auto attack: Now when you're attacking a stone and select another for multi-auto attack, your character won't abandon the stone being currently destroyed.
  • Fixed the displayed value of the next level of all horse skills.
  • Changed the rewards for the low level hunting achievement missions.
  • Fixed that you couldn't use Blackjack anymore after the last maintenance.
  • Fixed a problem at Wiki where the information from drops/upgrades were dissappearing after you teleported or changed your character.
  • Removed some texts from chat when you teleported which were left from our tests on Beta.
  • Improvement to the Wiki:
    • Added Beginner Questline wiki guide.
    • Updated the Ancient Coin guide.
    • Updated Mining guide.
    • Updated 6 & 7 Rarity guide.
    • Updated Switchbot guide.
    • Updated Atlas Ring guide.
    • Updated Attendants guide.
    • Updated Auto Pickup guide.
    • Updated Level 75(PvP) guide.
    • Updated Vote4Buff guide.
    • Updated Premium guide.
    • Updated Weekly Ranking guide.
  • Added some missing translations (especially at Wiki guides).