Patchnotes Ascension 1.1.1 [Maintenance 26.04.2024]

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Patch 1.1.1
Maintenance 26.04.2024
Game version is now 1.1.1

  • New segment has been added called Upgrade Coupon.
    • We heard your complaints about the items you received from bosses, like the Hunter/Master HunterPotion or Magic Diamond Ore. We've made new coupons to replace these items in your Boss Chests and help make up for those losses. Four new Upgrade Coupons have been introduced in these chests.
    • Upgrade Coupon (Low) - will be found in Tartaros/Beran/Azrael Chest instead of HunterPotion.
    • Upgrade Coupon (Medium) - will be found in Razador/Nemere/Jotun Chest instead of Master Hunter Potion.
    • Upgrade Coupon (High) - will be found in Sylvanus Chest instead of Magic Diamond Ore.
    • Upgrade Coupon (High+) - will be found in Bone Dragon/Midas Chest instead of Magic Diamond Ore.
    • These coupons can be used to buy upgrade items at Blacksmith.

Fixes & Changes:
  • Raise the amount of Equipment Tickets required for Energy Crystals.
  • Added Equipment Tickets to craft Extension for Talisman.
    • We try to make sure that you use all your items and that they do not remain worthless.
  • Decrease the number of Easter Egg I obtained from Egg Chest.
    • We want this item not to lose its value so quickly and to be worth something in the future, because of this, these changes have been made.
  • Now Brutal Red Thief Worldboss will appear at 22:00 (Server time).