Patchnotes Ascension 1.1.7 [Maintenance 18.05.2024]

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Patch 1.1.7
Maintenance 18.05.2024
Game version is now 1.1.7

  • Added a new Attack option on Taskbar, now you will be able to select Stones with Multi Attack Option without pressing SHIFT button anymore.
  • Stones will still only be selectable with Right Click. Remain on Right Click, because if you had not selected a metin and the field next to it, this would have cancelled all other selected metins.
  • This new Option will serve also as a Auto Attack. You will auto attack with Left Click.
  • Added two new bonuses named: % Double Drop Stone & % Double Drop Bosses.
  • These bonuses will do exactly what the name inspires. If you have this bonus, you will have the chance to get DOUBLE drop from stones/bosses.
  • Will NOT be available for existing equipment.
  • Added Treasure Chest Key at Ancient Shop.
  • Added Auto Pickup (1 Day) & Auto Pickup (7 Days) in the Sanctuary Shop.
Fixes & Changes:
  • In Quest Window (N Key) now at Biologist Category you will have a button which will open you Biologist Window.
  • Now you can STOP chat with TAB Key. This will help you to easily contact a player who sells something on Shout.
  • 'Player Typing...' message from Whisper Window has been moved to avoid overlapping other elements in the Window.
  • Some effects have been fixed when you use Stone Scale function.
  • Added function to Scale Damage Size, you can find it in ESC Key > Settings > Graphic Options > General > Damage Scale.
  • Reduced the Perspective option to half, because when it was at its maximum, some things got distorted and created a fish eye effect.
  • Fixed the Talisman Extend which had a problem with appearing to be usable on any item.
  • Reduced the number of Bone Dragon upgrade items required for buying PvP accesories at Armor Vendor from 3 to 2.
  • You can now craft Boss Scroll (Expert) using multiple Boss Scroll (Hard) at Alchimist.
  • Now you can preview the drop of the following chests: Gold Ranking Chest, Silver Ranking Chest, Daily Chest(Easy), Daily Chest(Hard), Lucky Chest, Daily Reward Chest.
  • Extend Time (Novice Items) was not working for the Victoria Costume, Hair and Weaponskins.
  • Fixed all the wings which had the weird white texture bug.
  • Reduced the damage from SD3 mobs by 25%.
  • Raised the experience received from SD3 mobs by 15%.
  • Swapped the required items for upgrading wings to +9 and +10 with each other.
  • Added the boss effect above bosses head that didn't have it.
  • Removed the Enchanted Stone mission from the Water Energy Quest.
  • Removed the Razador, Nemere & Jotun missions from the Water Energy Quest.
  • Lowered the Cryptus, Sylvanus, Bone Dragon & Midas needed to kill from the Water Energy Quest from 3 to 2.
  • Consumables changes:
    • There were two Auto Pickup (1 Day) available at the Gold Sanctuary Shop, one priced at 1 coin and another at 4 coins. This was unintentional, and we have adjusted it to only one at 3 coins.
    • Raised the price of Auto Pickup (7 Days) from Gold Sanctuary Shop from 7 to 8 coins.
    • Lowered the price of Dojang Chest from 100 coins to 15.
    • Lowered the price of Scout Earrings(1 Day) from 7 coins to 4.
    • Lowered the price of Scout Earrings(7 Day) from 30 coins to 16.
    • Remove Master Scout Earrings from Gold Sanctuary Coin shop.
    • Lowered the price of 3 day Scout Earring in the Beginner Shop from 5 coins to 4 coins.
    • Lowered the bonus of Black Ace Earring & Red Ace Earring from 25% to 20%.
    • Lowered the bonus of Storm Earring & Lava Earring from 20% to 10%.
    • Lowered the bonus of Symbol Earring from 25% to 15%.
    • Lowered the bonus of Scout Earrings from 25% to 15%.
    • Lowered the price of Buffi Bracelet from 30 RC - 20 SC to 20 RC - 15 SC. Lowered the bonus from 25% Strong vs Bosses to 15% Strong vs Bosses.
    • Lowered the price of Buffi Earrings from 30 RC - 20 SC to 20 RC - 15 SC. Lowered the bonus from 25% Strong vs Stones to 15% Strong vs Stones.
    • Lowered the price of Buffi Necklace from 30 RC - 20 SC to 20 RC - 15 SC. Lowered the bonus from 80 Attack Value to 50 Attack Value.
    • Lowered the price of Skin Booster (Stones) from 20 RC - 15 SC to 15 RC - 10 SC. Lowered the bonus from 15% to 10%.
    • Lowered the price of Skin Booster (Bosses) from 20 RC - 15 SC to 15 RC - 10 SC. Lowered the bonus from 15% to 10%.
    • Lowered the price of Master Scout Earring from 70 RC- 45 SC to 40 RC - 30 SC. Lowered the PvM bonus from 35% to 20% and added a new bonus, chance of double drop stones.
  • Existing items in inventories will remain with the old bonus until they expire, we don't want players to feel scammed.
  • Since we have always considered these "consumables" to be a BONUS of DMG, which you can choose or not, many of you have felt that this is not the case, you have felt obligated to buy them. Which is wrong, but we take your point. Many of you have mentioned to us that certain consumables, are "game changers", so exactly as we announced, this has come to our attention since the beginning of this month. It was also about their prices, which cumulatively reached unimaginable values. Bonuses was lowered too, because we don't want those items to be game changers. Prices overall have fallen almost 4 times, YES 4 times and there will be more changes in the future.