PvP Tournament 1v1 27.05.2023

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Date & Time
  • 27.05.2023, starting at 20:30 GMT+3.

  • You are allowed to participace only if you have the last evolution of pvp equipment (Divine Armor & Weapon).
  • The duels are only class vs class (race vs race), there is no fighting between classes (races)
  • You have to specify which type of weapon you will use (e.g.: sword or 2hand, bell or fan, dagger or bow), you are not allowed to change it after the duel starts.
  • The duels will be best out of 3 (2/3), the third one being the tiebreaker in case of a tie after the first 2 duels.
  • Players who behave inappropriately and do not follow the rules/instructions of team members and disrupt the event will be removed from the map or even banned.

  • Abusing running and avoiding the fight to regen your HP or to let the poison effect do damage to the enemy is forbidden.
  • The duels must take place in the center of the arena, fighting in the corner or near a wall is forbidden.
  • Ninja is not allowed to use the camouflage(stealth) skill before the duel starts.
  • Archer ninja is not allowed to use the camouflage(stealth) skill at all.
  • Healer shaman is not allowed to use the cure skill if their opponent is also a healer shaman.

  • The winner of each class will receive:
    • Legendary PvP Chest, contains:
    • 100 RC Voucher
    • Dojang Chest
    • [PvP] title in your name (e.g.: [PvP]Jotaro)
*The legend emblem and [PvP] title will only last until the next edition of the event.