Item-Shop New items from the Immortal Hero's update!

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New Items in the Immortal Hero Content Update!

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Immortal Hero content update! Prepare yourself for epic battles, new challenges, and incredible rewards. We are excited to introduce a range of exciting new items that will enhance your gameplay experience. Here's a sneak peek of what awaits you:

  • Image Legendary Lucky Chest VII
    A magical chest in which you may be lucky and find legendary skins.
  • Image Dungeon Hourglass (Inferno)
    This item can make time go faster and can reset the cooldown for the Inferno Dungeon. It can be used only once every 24 hours.
  • Image Enchant Wings Item PvP
    With this scroll you can change your wings bonuses. It will give you only PvP Bonuses.
  • Image Ginseng
    Used for increasing the level of the Horse Riding skill. It's better than Advanced Fodder.
  • Image Hero Exploration Elixir
    Improves the quality of the items you research, increasing the likelihood them being accepted. Used for Hero Biologist quests.
  • Image Hero Monocle
    With this monocle, you can go to the Biologist without waiting any longer.Used for Hero Biologist quests.
  • Image Lucky Mount Medal
    This medal is used to further increase the succes chance of upgrading your mount skills. It offers a higher success chance than the normal Mount Medal.
  • Image Orison PvP(Legendary)
    Removes the 6th and 7th bonus from one of your items and adds new ones. It will give you only PvP Bonuses. Chance of success: +100%.
  • Image Potion of Stones
    After it is used it gives 100% chance to add a stone to a weapon or an armor.
And that's not all! To celebrate the launch of the Immortal Hero content update, we are running a special promotion for the next week. During this time, you will receive an incredible +20% extra Rodnia Coins & Special Coins. Don't miss this opportunity to amass wealth and upgrade your gear to become a true legend among the Immortal Heroes!

Note: The Immortal Hero content update and the promotional +20% more coins event are available for a limited time only. Don't miss out!
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