Euro 2024 - Unite and Conquer | 14.06 - 14.07

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General information:
  • Event duration: 14.06.2024 - 14.07.2024
  • You can find NPC Lykus in Map1 near Uriel.
    At this NPC, you have World-Cup Workshop which will allow to create the special UEFA Items.

Lykus Workshop
Craftable Item Material List Other Details
UEFA Costumes 25x Ice Cream Scoop 25x Ice Cream Cornet +10% Strong vs. All,
+10% Strong vs. Metins,
Attack Value +50
Time: 1 day (non-extensible)
Costumes can be transmuted
UEFA Costumes 1000x Ice Cream Scoop
550x Ice Cream Cornet
550x Ice Cream Bowl
Permanent Item
Image Country Ticket 50x Ice Cream Scoop
4x Golden Ball

  • Bet on your favourite team. If your selected team wins the championship you will be rewarded with a special prize.
  • Country Ticket , the special item with which you can place a bet.
  • You can't bet on more than one team per day. You can bet on a different team 24 hours after you bet on the previous team.
  • You can bet on your team multiple times, top 20 players with the most bets for the winning team will receive their team's permanent costume with bonuses of their choice.
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