Patchnotes 3.5.4 [Maintenance 18.05.2023]

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Maintenance 18.5.2023
Game version is now 3.5.4

  • Added Blacksmith Potion in Expert Chests, Alastor, Shadow and Spectre Chest. These options will increase the chance of your next upgrade with +5% or +10%.
  • Added new options for Dojang Event. Added the hero level & restricted level only option.
  • Added 3 new items for remove the cooldown of the dungeons (low, high, expert).
    *The cooldown reset scrolls will have a usage cooldown of 4 hours. Scrolls reset time applies only to the character using them and does not remove cooldowns for other characters.
  • Added a new level type, it is now possible to add specific levels to items, level 75 pvp items are now restricted to level 75.
  • Added Guild Tournament winners custom outfits.
  • Added new Lv. 75 Armor, Weapons, Shoes, Helmet and Belt craftable at NPC Yang-Shin. You can find him near the Blacksmith in each town.
  • Added a set of fully bonused temporary weaponskins, costumes & hairstyle to Yang-Shin.

Fixes & Changes:
  • Raised the attack speed in PvP.
  • Improved upgrade item success chances, also we made something so your items can't fail more than 5-6 times in a row.
  • Now the dungeon cooldown will be controlled by each player's computer (HWID) and not per character.
    *In dungeons, players are limited to using only two characters, and once the second character enters a dungeon, all other characters, will have a cooldown preventing them from entering the same dungeons.
  • All dungeons cooldowns will be reseted each maintenance, this means after each maintenance no cooldown will exist in the dungeons.
  • Increased the chance to drop Elemental Magic Ore.
  • Added the option to use low level Magic Silver/Gold/Diamond Ores to craft higher level ones at the blacksmith.
  • Added the missing translations in game.
  • Updated the looks of Elemental Mountain dungeon.
  • Air stone, mobs and air essence icons are now yellow to match the arcanis theme.
  • Added the missing translations in game.
  • Removed the chat announcement about Soul Lottery.
  • Fixed Gold Metal Magic, now you can upgrade your items until Level 109 with it.
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